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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dari Malaysiakini

MACC quiz PKR duo over sand

Joseph Sipalan Jul 1, 10 4:18pm

Two Selangor PKR state assemblyperson were today quizzed by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Comission over the state's illegal sand mining controversy.Batu Caves assemblyperson Amirudin Shari (left) and Sri Muda assemblyperson Shuhaimi Shafie, were questioned at the MACC headquarters in Putrajaya this evening.
Amirudin was quizzed for about three hours while Shuhaimi was quizzed for about three and a half hours. According to the duo's lawyers, they were called in as witnesses and not suspects.
When approached by reporters, Suhaimi (right) declined comment, adding that the his session with the MACC was ongoing and he would have to return on Monday to have more statements recorded. It is believed that the MACC recorded Suhaimi's statement because he is the assistant to Selangor executive council member Yaakob Sapari, who's portfolio oversees natural resources.
Amirudin said that he was in the clear in this case because he has no power to decide on sand mining matters, adding that he does not expect to be called up again. "I think it is just an attempt to discredit the Pakatan Rakyat state government," he said.Shuhaimi to face more questioning
The duo's lawyer, Ahmad Nizam Hamid, said Shuhaimi is scheduled for another round of questioning at 2pm Monday. "I must stress however that both assemblypersons were here to assist investigations as witnesses and not suspects," he said.
Ahmad Nizam, alongside another lawyer Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, complained that MACC did not allow them to be present when Amirudin and Shuhaimi were being questioned.
The two witnesses were however allowed limited access to their lawyers during breaks. Yaakop, who was present to show support, said that the duo were innocent and they were a victim of a smear campaign against the Selangor government.
"Tonight, the 8pm news will report about two Selangor state assemblypersons being arrested. This is done to embarrass the state gov."

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