Kata Orang Arif:apabila engkau mendapat wang,belikan emas;jualkan emas itu belikan intan;jualkan intan,belikan manikam;jualkan manikam,belikan ILMU.
(Hikayat Munsyi Abdullah )

Monday, March 14, 2011


Devi,I've got to be frank with you:

It could take you and your children

Some light years to enjoy coffee and croissant

Here at the Bangsar 'paradise'-

The place where the credo is;"I shop,therefore I am",

Where the rich flaunt their wares;

Where the clever wear

Their conscience on their sleeves;

Where experts imagine they're

The centre of the universe;

Where the expats shop

with an air of nonchalance;

Where a long-sleeved shirt costs

More than what you probably receive in a month

From the welfare department;

Where some overpaid,overfed and oversexed

Bums are loafing and loitering around;

Where they sell a lot of things for golf players;

Where they dream extravagant dreams;

Where they devour multiple scoops

of Haagen-Daz ice-cream;Where retired ministers and generals

Salve their conscience with one-cent coins

Into charity boxes;

Where legalised robbers and gangsters

Enjoy their loot.

Devi,I will hand you photos

Of your demolished 'illegal' house-

Rubble and all-

When I see you and your children next

At your sister's equally 'illegal' house

Before it too is demolished

By the agents of our oh so 'Caring Society'.

Devi,I promise I shall be there

Before the demolition of your sister's hut,

I promise;

Much as I know how sick you must be by now

Of tons and volumes of broken promises.


[12 May 1942 – 7 December 2010]

Bangsar,Kuala Lumpur

8.45 pm,6th.June,1999

*Petang tadi saya menyusun meja saya di pejabat.Saya terjumpa envelop yang berisi beberapa risalah politik DAP Perak dan sekeping kertas berisi puisi diatas.Maka saya paparkan disini puisi mendiang Fan Yew Teng (FYT).

Saya mula-mula mengenali dan berjumpa mendiang FYT sewaktu beliau di undang sebagai panelis acara Debat Agung di Universiti Malaya,mungkin di tahun 1990 atau 1991,saya sudah lupa.Sewaktu saya turut turun padang menuntut Kilang Asia Rare Earth [ARE] di Papan,Bukit Merah Perak ditutup,saya kerap berjumpa dengan beliau.

Kepada saya FYT ialah antara putera Malaysia yang menyumbang kepada negara dan terkehadapan memperjuangkan nasib golongan tertindas dan terpinggir.